Diamond Size Chart

Using a round diamond's diamter in millimeters and its weight in carats, determine how shallow or deep the diamond's cut is. Use this chart only as a guide. It may be useful if your stone is already set, or you don't know the depth. If you know the diamond's measurments and need its weight, click here.

MM Poor Fair Good Excellent Ideal Cut Excellent Good Fair Poor
0.6 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct.
0.7 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct. 0.001ct.
0.8 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct. 0.002ct.
0.9 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct. 0.002ct.
1 0.004ct. 0.004ct. 0.004ct. 0.004ct. 0.004ct. 0.004ct. 0.004ct. 0.003ct. 0.003ct.
1.1 0.006ct. 0.005ct. 0.005ct. 0.005ct. 0.005ct. 0.005ct. 0.005ct. 0.005ct. 0.004ct.
1.2 0.007ct. 0.007ct. 0.007ct. 0.007ct. 0.007ct. 0.006ct. 0.006ct. 0.006ct. 0.006ct.
1.3 0.009ct. 0.009ct. 0.009ct. 0.009ct. 0.008ct. 0.008ct. 0.008ct. 0.008ct. 0.007ct.
1.4 0.012ct. 0.011ct. 0.011ct. 0.011ct. 0.01ct. 0.01ct. 0.01ct. 0.01ct. 0.009ct.
1.5 0.014ct. 0.014ct. 0.014ct. 0.013ct. 0.013ct. 0.013ct. 0.012ct. 0.012ct. 0.011ct.
1.6 0.017ct. 0.017ct. 0.016ct. 0.016ct. 0.016ct. 0.015ct. 0.015ct. 0.014ct. 0.014ct.
1.7 0.021ct. 0.02ct. 0.02ct. 0.019ct. 0.019ct. 0.018ct. 0.018ct. 0.017ct. 0.016ct.
1.8 0.025ct. 0.024ct. 0.023ct. 0.023ct. 0.022ct. 0.022ct. 0.021ct. 0.02ct. 0.02ct.
1.9 0.029ct. 0.028ct. 0.028ct. 0.027ct. 0.026ct. 0.025ct. 0.025ct. 0.024ct. 0.023ct.
2 0.034ct. 0.033ct. 0.032ct. 0.032ct. 0.03ct. 0.03ct. 0.029ct. 0.028ct. 0.027ct.
2.1 0.039ct. 0.038ct. 0.037ct. 0.037ct. 0.035ct. 0.034ct. 0.034ct. 0.032ct. 0.031ct.
2.2 0.045ct. 0.044ct. 0.043ct. 0.042ct. 0.04ct. 0.039ct. 0.039ct. 0.037ct. 0.036ct.
2.3 0.052ct. 0.05ct. 0.049ct. 0.048ct. 0.046ct. 0.045ct. 0.044ct. 0.042ct. 0.041ct.
2.4 0.059ct. 0.057ct. 0.056ct. 0.055ct. 0.053ct. 0.051ct. 0.05ct. 0.048ct. 0.046ct.
2.5 0.066ct. 0.064ct. 0.063ct. 0.062ct. 0.059ct. 0.058ct. 0.057ct. 0.054ct. 0.052ct.
2.6 0.075ct. 0.072ct. 0.071ct. 0.07ct. 0.067ct. 0.065ct. 0.064ct. 0.061ct. 0.059ct.
2.7 0.084ct. 0.081ct. 0.079ct. 0.078ct. 0.075ct. 0.073ct. 0.072ct. 0.069ct. 0.066ct.
2.8 0.093ct. 0.09ct. 0.088ct. 0.087ct. 0.083ct. 0.081ct. 0.08ct. 0.076ct. 0.074ct.
2.9 0.104ct. 0.1ct. 0.098ct. 0.097ct. 0.093ct. 0.09ct. 0.089ct. 0.085ct. 0.082ct.
3 0.115ct. 0.111ct. 0.109ct. 0.107ct. 0.103ct. 0.1ct. 0.098ct. 0.094ct. 0.091ct.
3.1 0.126ct. 0.123ct. 0.12ct. 0.118ct. 0.113ct. 0.11ct. 0.109ct. 0.104ct. 0.1ct.
3.2 0.139ct. 0.135ct. 0.132ct. 0.13ct. 0.125ct. 0.121ct. 0.119ct. 0.114ct. 0.11ct.
3.3 0.153ct. 0.148ct. 0.145ct. 0.142ct. 0.137ct. 0.133ct. 0.131ct. 0.125ct. 0.121ct.
3.4 0.167ct. 0.162ct. 0.158ct. 0.156ct. 0.149ct. 0.146ct. 0.143ct. 0.137ct. 0.132ct.
3.5 0.182ct. 0.177ct. 0.173ct. 0.17ct. 0.163ct. 0.159ct. 0.156ct. 0.149ct. 0.144ct.
3.6 0.198ct. 0.192ct. 0.188ct. 0.185ct. 0.177ct. 0.173ct. 0.17ct. 0.163ct. 0.157ct.
3.7 0.215ct. 0.209ct. 0.204ct. 0.201ct. 0.193ct. 0.188ct. 0.185ct. 0.177ct. 0.17ct.
3.8 0.233ct. 0.226ct. 0.221ct. 0.217ct. 0.209ct. 0.203ct. 0.2ct. 0.191ct. 0.184ct.
3.9 0.252ct. 0.244ct. 0.239ct. 0.235ct. 0.226ct. 0.22ct. 0.216ct. 0.207ct. 0.199ct.
4 0.272ct. 0.264ct. 0.257ct. 0.253ct. 0.243ct. 0.237ct. 0.233ct. 0.223ct. 0.215ct.
4.1 0.293ct. 0.284ct. 0.277ct. 0.273ct. 0.262ct. 0.255ct. 0.251ct. 0.24ct. 0.231ct.
4.2 0.315ct. 0.305ct. 0.298ct. 0.293ct. 0.282ct. 0.275ct. 0.27ct. 0.258ct. 0.249ct.
4.3 0.338ct. 0.327ct. 0.32ct. 0.315ct. 0.302ct. 0.295ct. 0.29ct. 0.277ct. 0.267ct.
4.4 0.362ct. 0.351ct. 0.343ct. 0.337ct. 0.324ct. 0.316ct. 0.31ct. 0.297ct. 0.286ct.
4.5 0.387ct. 0.375ct. 0.367ct. 0.361ct. 0.346ct. 0.338ct. 0.332ct. 0.318ct. 0.306ct.
4.6 0.413ct. 0.401ct. 0.392ct. 0.385ct. 0.37ct. 0.361ct. 0.355ct. 0.339ct. 0.327ct.
4.7 0.441ct. 0.428ct. 0.418ct. 0.411ct. 0.395ct. 0.385ct. 0.378ct. 0.362ct. 0.349ct.
4.8 0.469ct. 0.455ct. 0.445ct. 0.438ct. 0.42ct. 0.41ct. 0.403ct. 0.385ct. 0.371ct.
4.9 0.499ct. 0.485ct. 0.473ct. 0.466ct. 0.447ct. 0.436ct. 0.429ct. 0.41ct. 0.395ct.
5 0.531ct. 0.515ct. 0.503ct. 0.495ct. 0.475ct. 0.463ct. 0.455ct. 0.436ct. 0.42ct.
5.1 0.563ct. 0.546ct. 0.534ct. 0.525ct. 0.504ct. 0.492ct. 0.483ct. 0.462ct. 0.445ct.
5.2 0.597ct. 0.579ct. 0.566ct. 0.557ct. 0.535ct. 0.521ct. 0.512ct. 0.49ct. 0.472ct.
5.3 0.632ct. 0.613ct. 0.599ct. 0.59ct. 0.566ct. 0.552ct. 0.542ct. 0.519ct. 0.5ct.
5.4 0.668ct. 0.648ct. 0.634ct. 0.624ct. 0.599ct. 0.584ct. 0.574ct. 0.549ct. 0.529ct.
5.5 0.706ct. 0.685ct. 0.669ct. 0.659ct. 0.632ct. 0.617ct. 0.606ct. 0.58ct. 0.559ct.
5.6 0.746ct. 0.723ct. 0.707ct. 0.695ct. 0.668ct. 0.651ct. 0.64ct. 0.612ct. 0.59ct.
5.7 0.786ct. 0.763ct. 0.745ct. 0.733ct. 0.704ct. 0.686ct. 0.675ct. 0.645ct. 0.622ct.
5.8 0.828ct. 0.804ct. 0.785ct. 0.773ct. 0.742ct. 0.723ct. 0.711ct. 0.68ct. 0.655ct.
5.9 0.872ct. 0.846ct. 0.826ct. 0.813ct. 0.781ct. 0.761ct. 0.748ct. 0.716ct. 0.69ct.
6 0.917ct. 0.89ct. 0.869ct. 0.855ct. 0.821ct. 0.801ct. 0.787ct. 0.753ct. 0.725ct.
6.1 0.964ct. 0.935ct. 0.913ct. 0.899ct. 0.863ct. 0.841ct. 0.827ct. 0.791ct. 0.762ct.
6.2 1.012ct. 0.982ct. 0.959ct. 0.944ct. 0.906ct. 0.883ct. 0.868ct. 0.831ct. 0.8ct.
6.3 1.061ct. 1.03ct. 1.006ct. 0.99ct. 0.951ct. 0.927ct. 0.911ct. 0.871ct. 0.84ct.
6.4 1.113ct. 1.08ct. 1.055ct. 1.038ct. 0.997ct. 0.972ct. 0.955ct. 0.914ct. 0.88ct.
6.5 1.166ct. 1.131ct. 1.105ct. 1.088ct. 1.044ct. 1.018ct. 1.001ct. 0.957ct. 0.922ct.
6.6 1.22ct. 1.184ct. 1.157ct. 1.138ct. 1.093ct. 1.066ct. 1.047ct. 1.002ct. 0.965ct.
6.7 1.277ct. 1.239ct. 1.21ct. 1.191ct. 1.143ct. 1.115ct. 1.096ct. 1.048ct. 1.01ct.
6.8 1.335ct. 1.295ct. 1.265ct. 1.245ct. 1.195ct. 1.165ct. 1.146ct. 1.096ct. 1.056ct.
6.9 1.395ct. 1.353ct. 1.322ct. 1.301ct. 1.249ct. 1.218ct. 1.197ct. 1.145ct. 1.103ct.
7 1.456ct. 1.413ct. 1.38ct. 1.358ct. 1.304ct. 1.271ct. 1.25ct. 1.195ct. 1.152ct.
7.1 1.519ct. 1.474ct. 1.44ct. 1.417ct. 1.361ct. 1.327ct. 1.304ct. 1.247ct. 1.202ct.
7.2 1.584ct. 1.537ct. 1.502ct. 1.478ct. 1.419ct. 1.383ct. 1.36ct. 1.301ct. 1.253ct.
7.3 1.651ct. 1.602ct. 1.565ct. 1.541ct. 1.479ct. 1.442ct. 1.417ct. 1.356ct. 1.306ct.
7.4 1.72ct. 1.669ct. 1.63ct. 1.605ct. 1.54ct. 1.502ct. 1.476ct. 1.412ct. 1.361ct.
7.5 1.791ct. 1.737ct. 1.697ct. 1.671ct. 1.604ct. 1.564ct. 1.537ct. 1.47ct. 1.417ct.
7.6 1.864ct. 1.808ct. 1.766ct. 1.738ct. 1.669ct. 1.627ct. 1.599ct. 1.53ct. 1.474ct.
7.7 1.938ct. 1.88ct. 1.837ct. 1.808ct. 1.736ct. 1.692ct. 1.663ct. 1.591ct. 1.533ct.
7.8 2.015ct. 1.954ct. 1.909ct. 1.879ct. 1.804ct. 1.759ct. 1.729ct. 1.654ct. 1.594ct.
7.9 2.093ct. 2.031ct. 1.984ct. 1.952ct. 1.874ct. 1.827ct. 1.796ct. 1.718ct. 1.656ct.
8 2.174ct. 2.109ct. 2.06ct. 2.028ct. 1.946ct. 1.898ct. 1.865ct. 1.784ct. 1.719ct.
8.1 2.256ct. 2.189ct. 2.138ct. 2.105ct. 2.02ct. 1.97ct. 1.936ct. 1.852ct. 1.785ct.
8.2 2.341ct. 2.271ct. 2.218ct. 2.183ct. 2.096ct. 2.044ct. 2.009ct. 1.921ct. 1.852ct.
8.3 2.427ct. 2.355ct. 2.301ct. 2.264ct. 2.174ct. 2.119ct. 2.083ct. 1.993ct. 1.92ct.
8.4 2.516ct. 2.441ct. 2.385ct. 2.347ct. 2.253ct. 2.197ct. 2.159ct. 2.065ct. 1.99ct.
8.5 2.607ct. 2.529ct. 2.471ct. 2.432ct. 2.335ct. 2.276ct. 2.237ct. 2.14ct. 2.062ct.
8.6 2.7ct. 2.62ct. 2.559ct. 2.519ct. 2.418ct. 2.358ct. 2.317ct. 2.217ct. 2.136ct.
8.7 2.795ct. 2.712ct. 2.649ct. 2.608ct. 2.503ct. 2.441ct. 2.399ct. 2.295ct. 2.211ct.
8.8 2.893ct. 2.807ct. 2.742ct. 2.699ct. 2.591ct. 2.526ct. 2.483ct. 2.375ct. 2.288ct.
8.9 2.993ct. 2.903ct. 2.836ct. 2.792ct. 2.68ct. 2.613ct. 2.568ct. 2.457ct. 2.367ct.
9 3.095ct. 3.002ct. 2.933ct. 2.887ct. 2.771ct. 2.702ct. 2.656ct. 2.54ct. 2.448ct.
9.1 3.199ct. 3.104ct. 3.032ct. 2.984ct. 2.865ct. 2.793ct. 2.745ct. 2.626ct. 2.531ct.
9.2 3.306ct. 3.207ct. 3.133ct. 3.084ct. 2.96ct. 2.886ct. 2.837ct. 2.714ct. 2.615ct.
9.3 3.415ct. 3.313ct. 3.236ct. 3.185ct. 3.058ct. 2.981ct. 2.93ct. 2.803ct. 2.701ct.
9.4 3.526ct. 3.421ct. 3.342ct. 3.289ct. 3.158ct. 3.079ct. 3.026ct. 2.894ct. 2.789ct.
9.5 3.64ct. 3.531ct. 3.45ct. 3.395ct. 3.259ct. 3.178ct. 3.124ct. 2.988ct. 2.879ct.
9.6 3.756ct. 3.644ct. 3.56ct. 3.504ct. 3.363ct. 3.279ct. 3.223ct. 3.083ct. 2.971ct.
9.7 3.874ct. 3.759ct. 3.672ct. 3.614ct. 3.47ct. 3.383ct. 3.325ct. 3.18ct. 3.065ct.
9.8 3.995ct. 3.876ct. 3.787ct. 3.727ct. 3.578ct. 3.489ct. 3.429ct. 3.28ct. 3.161ct.
9.9 4.119ct. 3.996ct. 3.904ct. 3.842ct. 3.689ct. 3.596ct. 3.535ct. 3.381ct. 3.258ct.
10 4.245ct. 4.118ct. 4.023ct. 3.96ct. 3.802ct. 3.707ct. 3.643ct. 3.485ct. 3.358ct.